Download your free wallpaper calendar for August 2011

The free download of this wallpaper calendar, now also featuring the moon phases for the month, is available in various sizes suitable for the most common screen resolutions for your personal enjoyment, non commercial uses. Click on the image that fits your needs and download your version. And for you mobile buffs I have made it also available for the iPhone and iPad.

Inhabiting a Large Body

So what is it that allows people to get excessively large? To essentially play Russian roulette with their health, and yes, their lives? And please don’t give me: “Oh…it’s hereditary… hereditary my butt!!” I am no expert on this topic by any stretch of the imagination, however, I would venture to say that unless you are a goner, or clinically and hopelessly depressed, or just don’t give a hoot about your health and your appearance…

Lady Luck vs. Calculable Risk

For the longest time a jump out of an airplane has been in my bucket was an incredible feeling and sensation that is not comparable to anything else I had experienced. Yes, windsurfing in 60 mph gusts on Padre Island, flying loops and rolls in a stunt plane or going 120 mph on my motorcycle come close, but only close…and then, after dropping at 120 mph for about 25 seconds (you fall about 1000 ft. every 4 seconds) the swoooossh of the parachute is a very, very welcome sound. Jacob said: “Well, thank God that opened…”Amen, second that.

DuPage County PADS: Bringing Hope to the Homeless

Long known as one of the wealthiest counties in the nation, Chicago area DuPage County is full of expensive and ornate housing developments, beautiful parks and top-rated schools; but contrary to common belief there are also over a thousand people without homes. DuPage PADS helped over a thousand people last year, 174 of them were children. Thanks to the dedicated work of the DuPage PADS organization and selfless volunteers, families like these can receive the support they need to get a leg-up. DuPage PADS recognized the deep and heartfelt needs of those suffering around them and responded to those needs over 25 years ago. For this reason, I am incredibly grateful and excited to be collaborating with DuPage PADS over the course of the following months on a project which will result in a multi media presentation consisting of still photos, audio and video footage…