Skydiving on my birthday

Skydiving is it Calculable Risk or Luck

For the longest time a jump out of an airplane has been in my bucket was an incredible feeling and sensation that is not comparable to anything else I had experienced. Yes, windsurfing in 60 mph gusts on Padre Island, flying loops and rolls in a stunt plane or going 120 mph on my motorcycle come close, but only close…and then, after dropping at 120 mph for about 25 seconds (you fall about 1000 ft. every 4 seconds) the swoooossh of the parachute is a very, very welcome sound. Jacob said: “Well, thank God that opened…”Amen, second that.

2014 METROsquash Windy City Open Squash Tournament in Chicago, IL

This 2014 METROsquash Windy City Open presented by Guggenheim and EquiTrust Life Insurance Company offered the richest prize purse Chicago Squash has ever seen. The PSA WORLD SERIES GOLD men’s event drew the majority of top 10 players in the world and also welcomed the women back with a WSA GOLD event that attracted most of the world’s top 10 women squash professionals.

Chestnut Place and Webster House Apartments – Old Style Chicago Luxury Living

Last spring I had the pleasure of photographing both, the Chestnut Place and Webster House apartment buildings as an update for my client’s marketing campaign. The featured multimedia presentations convey a good feel and impression of both buildings. Chestnut Place Apartments on Chestnut Street is situated right where the action is, close by to Rush…