Oil and Commerce

Rising oil prices, commerce and retail giants, construction companies and architectural photography…how and why do they come together…? Well, my client Jackson Dean Construction, a Commercial General Contractor headquartered in Seattle, WA, who specializes in retail, office, healthcare, industrial and gas station projects, has built strong relationships with retail giants such as Costco Wholesale, Lowe’s…

Chicago photography transforms The Garland Building’s lobbies

A few months back I was approached by Art Environments to provide samples of my downtown Chicago architecture photography for decorating some empty wall spaces in both lobbies of the Garland Building in downtown Chicago…in close collaboration with the condominium associations’ Board of Directors, management staff and my client, we identified and selected six images that were well suited to represent a cross section of the tenants’ tastes and dynamics.

Inhabiting a Large Body

So what is it that allows people to get excessively large? To essentially play Russian roulette with their health, and yes, their lives? And please don’t give me: “Oh…it’s hereditary… hereditary my butt!!” I am no expert on this topic by any stretch of the imagination, however, I would venture to say that unless you are a goner, or clinically and hopelessly depressed, or just don’t give a hoot about your health and your appearance…

DuPage County PADS: Bringing Hope to the Homeless

Long known as one of the wealthiest counties in the nation, Chicago area DuPage County is full of expensive and ornate housing developments, beautiful parks and top-rated schools; but contrary to common belief there are also over a thousand people without homes. DuPage PADS helped over a thousand people last year, 174 of them were children. Thanks to the dedicated work of the DuPage PADS organization and selfless volunteers, families like these can receive the support they need to get a leg-up. DuPage PADS recognized the deep and heartfelt needs of those suffering around them and responded to those needs over 25 years ago. For this reason, I am incredibly grateful and excited to be collaborating with DuPage PADS over the course of the following months on a project which will result in a multi media presentation consisting of still photos, audio and video footage…

Historic Route 66 – Boom & Bust – Part One

I had the pleasure of attending an awesome workshop conducted by the wonderful Ami Vitale at Santa Fe Photographic Workshops….here is the result of a very fast week in which we absorbed many “first time” moments…there has never been a highway quite like Route 66. It was written about in Grapes of Wrath, sung praises to by Nat King Cole and the inspiration behind the brand name for K-mart’s denim line.