Peace starts at home, in your mind

Whether you are an artist, photographer, corporate executive, housewife, yoga teacher, athlete, therapist, writer, politician or barista…how do you begin each day…? As most of us feel the demands of life right away and are pulled in a multitude of directions as soon as we wake up, we are potentially exposed to a barrage of stressors and downers right from the get-go. Equally available however are uplifting and harmonious influences.

The benefits of decorating your space with fine art photography that speaks to you

Good photography is an art. A picture taken for the purpose of art has an intrinsic value that ideally should speak to an individual and transform the setting it was chosen to beautify. This is why, when decorating your home or office space, it is important to choose decorative photography that benefits everyone who experiences…

Download your free wallpaper calendar for August 2011

The free download of this wallpaper calendar, now also featuring the moon phases for the month, is available in various sizes suitable for the most common screen resolutions for your personal enjoyment, non commercial uses. Click on the image that fits your needs and download your version. And for you mobile buffs I have made it also available for the iPhone and iPad.