September 2011 free desktop wallpaper

For the month of September 2011 a photograph of colorful Oak and Maple leaves seemed most appropriate to pose as the free downloadable desktop wallpaper calendar for the month that marks autumn’s arrival in our hemisphere. Red Colors are associated with activity, energy, stamina, joy in living, sexuality and love. Red colors are proven to support the circulatory and metabolic systems and strengthen will power. Yellow Colors bring optimism, cheerfulness, success, generosity and satisfaction. The physical healing energy of yellow stimulates the organs while increasing energy and boosting the immune system.

Reflections on Tom Shadyac’s documentary film “I AM”

I AM is an utterly engaging, very introspective and inspirational non fiction film that poses the seminal questions of: “What is wrong with the World?” and “What can we do about it?” The movie is a meditation on reality. So the question in all this is: “What is next for you to make this world a better place?” I AM isn’t as much about what you can do, as who you can be. And from that transformation of being, action will naturally follow. The power is in the moment not in the “…as soon as I…”