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A long time dream of mine, an excursion to Nepal and the Himalayas, recently became a reality. I was a fortunate member of a small group of sound therapy students to participate in a singing bowl workshop and retreat at one of the most exotic and colorful places I have ever visited. The program was…

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Are you looking for a decorative and inspirational coffee table book or a comprehensive guide on how to make better photographs?
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Ever wonder how to create photography that tells a story? Find out how to create outstanding and compelling photographs on a consistent basis and consider my highly effective one-on-one photography consulting. Or... are you looking for a guest speaker or facilitator of a class on photography or photography workshop?


Marian Kraus Photography, a Chicago area based professional architecture photographer, multi media artist and fine art photographer, began at a time when cameras used film and pictures developed and delivered within an hour was considered super fast. Now, it seems owning a digital camera or a phone makes anybody a professional photographer. And while there is no doubt that digital cameras encourage photo enthusiasts to pursue their dreams, in the end, the picture is always the best authentication. Does it tell the story, your story... is it technically and aesthetically proficient... compelling enough for you wanting to see more? Are the photographer's goods and services provided in a professional manner? Can you rely on him or her to go the extra distance when needed? In short, would you feel comfortable having the photographer represent your brand, or his or her decorative photography grace your precious wall space...?

Please come in and let my images and all else I do speak for themselves. All my photographs are available for purchase as archival photographic prints, ideal as photography for interior design. And if you are Interested in licensing photography, all my images are available as digital downloads or fine art stock photography.