Humans think in images, not words. Say “TIGER” to a friend and ask her what she saw in her mind. It surely won’t be the word “T-I-G-E-R”… Images form a universal language, regardless of nationalities and belief systems. Most of the absorbed information enters through the eyes, the portal to our visual sense. Clearly, the point of entry for a fine art and commercial photographer telling compelling stories.

In today’s loud world images elicit emotions and feelings; they create lasting impressions and bring you close to the experience; they naturally create an intimate connection to your story. And stories fuel brands…as well as the human heart.

Commercial photographer Marian KrausOne of my goals as commercial photographer, architectural photographer as well as fine art photographer is to be passionately creative when delivering non-homogenized images that tell stories. Upon careful observation, you may see that most of the inspiration for my commercial photography originates in my fine art photography, which greatly pivots around nature and its timeless principles. My innate fascination with the natural world greatly influences how I photograph the man-made world, the aesthetics of space, elements that it holds, and the people who move or live within the space. Being a commercial photographer, I largely benefit from my love and reverence for nature and my related fine art photography. You can catch a quick glimpse of what I mean on my Instagram feed.

Viewers benefit from my perception and expression of flow and convergence of form, aesthetic design, color, light, and most of all, the energy in a photographic composition. Photographs as windows showcasing a most harmonious rendition of those elements…all halted in a fraction of a second.

Some people have described my style as bold, symmetrical and colorful. Others simply feel enveloped by the energy coming through the photograph. Either way, clients profit from my vision and the promise at Marian Kraus Photography is to give you exactly what you are looking for, only better…more