My name is Marian Kraus, born in Slovakia and raised in Germany. I now live in the greater Chicago, IL area, one of the capitals of architecture. Among the many hats I wear are that of a husband, father, entrepreneur, creative, photographer and avid squash player.

According to Zen, the only life we have is that which is found in the present. Everything else is memory or anticipation. We must be awake to really live. Mindfulness, or waking up to the present, is not easily mastered yet extraordinarily important and essential to photography.

Architecture photographer Marian Kraus and familyMy fascination to encapsulate “the big picture” into timeless elements within a fraction of a second led me to wake up and leave a successful 20-year corporate career with an international conglomerate in 1999. Ever since, I focus on commercial photography including that of architecture, interior spaces, industrial and construction settings and the mesmerizing world of nature and fine art photography. Life has taught me to love and see it for what it is, a ticket to the greatest show on earth…and next to nature, my incredibly awesome wife and children are the inspiration that fires my passion.

Humans think in images, not words. Say “TIGER” to a friend and ask her what she saw in her mind. It surely won’t be the words “T-I-G-E-R”… Images form a universal language, regardless of nationalities and belief systems. Most of the absorbed information enters through the eyes, the portal to our visual sense.

In today’s loud world images elicit emotions and feelings; they create lasting impressions and bring you close to the experience; they naturally create an intimate connection to your story. And stories fuel brands…as well as the human heart.



Marian Kraus on photo assignment

Photo by Matt LaVere

One of my goals as commercial photographer, architectural photographer as well as fine art photographer is to be passionately creative when delivering non-homogenized images that tell stories. I solve my clients visual problems. This happens through a standalone photograph, a series of photographs or a multi-media or video project I create. Upon careful observation, you may see that most of the inspiration for my commercial photography originates in my fine art photography, which greatly pivots around nature and its timeless principles. My innate fascination with the natural world greatly influences how I photograph the man-made world, the aesthetics of space, the elements that it holds, and the people who move or live within the space.

Viewers benefit from my perception and expression of flow and convergence of form, aesthetic design, color, light, and most of all, the energy in a photographic composition. Photographs as windows showcasing a most harmonious rendition of those elements…all halted in a fraction of a second.

Art buyers and creatives have described my style as bold, symmetrical and colorful. Others simply feel enveloped by the energy coming through the photograph. Either way, my clients profit from my vision. Among them are Apple, Dior, Siemens, Toyota, Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Marriott Hotels, Double Tree Hotels by Hilton, Crate & Barrel, Macy’s, Getty Images, Lend Lease, McKesson Pharmaceuticals and others.

Over the years my fine art photography has been exhibited nationally and internationally and can be found in a number of private, corporate and institutional art collections. My images are ideally suitable as a gift or as decorative photography for the beautification of residential, corporate, institutional and commercial spaces, as you can see here.

Inspirationals - A COllection of Photography and Writings by Marian KrausMost of my photographs are available as stock or digital downloads and the City of Naperville, IL selected my work for its 175 Birthday Photo Exhibit “Mirror Image”. Photos of mine have appeared in numerous periodicals as well as DuPage County’s book, “Economic Powerhouse”. And before you rush off…do not miss out on perusing samples of my book: “Inspirationals”.

Thank you for your interest in my work. The promise at Marian Kraus Photography is to give you exactly what you are looking for, only better…





My services

The benefit to my clients…solving their visual problems

  • Commercial photography
  • Photography of interiors
  • Architecture photography
  • Industrial and Construction photography
  • Video and multi-media content production
  • Aerial capture
  • Corporate portraits
  • Fine art photos for decorative purposes

Short video about Marian’s approach, produced by Billy Sheahan

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Marian Kraus Photography is located in the Chicago, IL area in North America