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Photography School on a one on one level

Photography School on a one on one basis

WHAT: For some time I have been asked frequently: “Do you teach digital photography…?” So as I have been wanting to share my experience, strength and hope with all of you aspiring photographers, the ones who have all the desire and passion to make great photographs on a regular and sustained basis, but who for one reason or another don’t quite seem to get THE picture consistently… the time has come where I can say: “Yes, I do”.

With the marvelous tools of our ever evolving rapid technological revolution, here is the exclusive “live” one-on-one opportunity for you (or your wife, husband, children, friend, mom, girlfriend, dad, boyfriend…, you get the idea if you are gifting this opportunity), to go to photography school in the comfort of your own setting and tap into my reservoir of knowledge, gathered in over 12 years as a professional photographer. Here you now have access regarding anything I am capable of sharing related to creating compelling, strong, expressive and aesthetically pleasing images that potentially help you to tell a story…YOUR artistic story.

Over time you may have experienced that aside from advanced digital camera technology, be it Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Sony or any other marvelous tool, the occasional or frequent dose of luck or good automatic settings… it does come down to essential ingredients such as skill, experience and know how for creating the desired quality photographs consistently. My time as a passionate professional photographer has allowed me to establish a solid reservoir of knowledge that you now can tap into. You will make leaps in your photography learning process as a result of our one-on-one conversation(s).

The kind of digital camera is not as important as your knowledge and insight about digital photography

The kind of digital camera is not as important as your knowledge and insight about digital photography

Because, have you ever wondered:

  • “Who could I receive professional & constructive feedback on my photographs from…?”
  • “What am I doing not right and how could I be doing it better?”
  • “How do the accomplished photographers do it?”
  • What exactly some of the functions on your camera mean?
  • Why your pictures do not quite show up as you envisioned them, saw them or wished them to be…?
  • What the best “formula” for composition is?
  • How you can overcome your inner hurdles and doubts in believing that you are a visual artist?
  • How you can gradually improve some of the obstacles in creating the images that you so much wish to have?
  • Which image editing software to use how to organize the hundreds or thousands of photographs you already have on your one or two computers, external hard drives, cell-phones, tablets…?
  • and so much more…

And while I do not claim that you may become the next Ansel Adams, and then who knows…you might, your questions will be addressed to your full satisfaction, I will shine a strong light onto your passion and add clarity to your interest in digital photography. I will assist you to improve your photography skills in a fun and constructive fashion. Remember, knowledge and insight are everything. Speaking of which, make sure to also check out this section of my blog for photography tips.

HOW: I work on a one-on-one phone (Skype) basis. Regular phone is OK if you are not a Skyperista. My current rate is $125 for 1 hour or $170 per 1 1/2 hour consultation segments.

You can e-mail me or send me a link to your web gallery of a up to 20 of your best photographs that you wish to discuss and receive my constructive feedback on (some call it criticism…I believe in feedback 🙂 ) In our session we will address each of your shots and pluck them apart to the degree that you wish.

WHEN: My consulting hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 11 am – 2 pm Central Time; Friday from 9:30am – 1pm Central Time, US, and if these don’t work with your schedule, we will come up with something that works for both of us.

Any questions, contact me here. Or, if you are ready to go then activate the PayPal button below and purchase your 60 or 90 minutes photography school consultation. Upon receipt of confirmation, I will email you the available times you can choose from, a few brief questions and instructions how to call me…and off we go.

My Photo Consultation

Thank you. I look forward to talking with you and to pump up your creativity.

My wonderful friend Sarah of Cramer Photo who is depicted in the photo, can be found here