Inspirationals – A Collection of Photography and Writings by Marian Kraus

Inspirationals – A Collection of Photography and Writings by Marian Kraus

In his premier publication, Inspirationals – A Collection of Photography & Writings, internationally renowned photographer Marian Kraus expresses his stunning fine art photography and moving insights.  His objective, to “capture and convey the interconnectedness of all that is in and around us in its most essential and purest form,” is eloquently and elegantly executed. According to the author and artist, Inspirationals “is meant to bring the reader closer to the fragile state of our planet and the ever increasing need for such elementary qualities as peace, compassion, truth, love, respect and forgiveness.” The work in his book provides an opportunity for a person to see the simplicity, richness and healing beauty of our natural environment.

As the title suggests, the authors’ intention is to let the book be a vehicle of inspiration and to provoke feelings, emotions and compassionate considerations toward oneself, others as well as the environment we live in. The books’ easily portable size of 8 x 8” allows it to be conveniently viewed whenever a state of contemplative reflection is sought by the reader.

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The nature images contained in Inspirationals were carefully chosen from Marian Kraus’ journeys across the globe over the past 18 years. Kraus who grew up in Central Europe and spent 20 years of his life with an international industrial conglomerate, left his corporate career in 1999 in order to pursue his dream of being a full time artist and photographer. Inspirationals contains many succinct insights and observations Kraus gathered along the way of “uncovering, discovering and discarding”, and while learning that “if nothing changes, nothing changes”. Underlying messages such as: “You cannot think your way into better living but instead have to live your way into better thinking” accompany his awe inspiring color photography.

A signed copy by Marian can be obtained by clicking here or on the above book cover. The self published book is also available on the websites of Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble.

Marian Kraus’ soothing and inspiring fine art photography as displayed in Inspirationals has been chosen for the beautification of corporate offices, hotels, banks, and private residences by interior design professionals and the public at large.

Kraus’ unique photographic approach of nature and architecture themes also finds wide appeal by the architectural and building community. Architects, Luxury Home Builders, Real Estate Developers, Hotels, Landscape Architects, Property Management companies as well as Advertising Agencies and Marketing firms throughout the US hire his services for national and international commercial photography assignments. Kraus looks back at over a decade as a sought after professional architectural photographer specialized in the photography of residential and commercial interiors.