Industrial and Construction Photography

Photographs from client assignments occasionally interspersed with personal work

To some, industrial photography may not seem as glamorous or exciting as fashion photography but it is just as interesting, important and rewarding to corporations that wish to promote their services and products as they relate to manufacturing, construction, fabrication and distribution.

While most industrial images serve more of a functional role, they still possess their own aesthetic appeal and dynamic charm. Having spent 20 years in the international steel and metals industry, one of my passions within the discipline of my industrial photography is to create striking photos of production or distribution facilities, the machinery and equipment, the processes and products, a construction site and sometimes, the company’s people, its employees and executives.

With that in mind, one of the main reasons companies hire me as a commercial industrial photographer is because of their need to have top quality images for their portfolio, website and other marketing communications that effectively showcase their products and services. Aside from use in printed brochures and annual reports, strong images drive a company’s online presence. And videos or multimedia pieces are instrumental vehicles for businesses to thrive in our social media-driven society. A picture tells a whole story, the better the picture, the better the story…as an industrial photographer my clients task me to give life to their company’s message. High end dynamic and aesthetically pleasing photos of products, machinery, equipment and corresponding manufacturing processes assist a company to set itself apart from its competitors and propels a business to success.

My innate fascination with the natural world greatly influences how I photograph the man-made world, the aesthetics of space, the elements that it holds, the flow of the processes and the people who work and move within the space. Utilizing my professional experience in the specialty steel industry spanning over two decades for the interpretation of various industrial and manufacturing processes and products, I apply the same high photographic standards as I do in my architecture, interior and fine art photography. My artful and aesthetic interpretation of the subjects and processes at hand receives the same attention to detail as all my other photographic disciplines.

Manufacturers and fabricators of a variety of different products, related to plastics, steel, specialty steel, aluminum and other metals, as well as distribution companies and members of the building and construction industries benefit from my perception and expression of flow and convergence of form, aesthetic design, color, light, and most of all, the energy in a photographic composition. My clients have described my style as bold, symmetrical and colorful and profit from my vision. To view more images please visit my architecture photography portfolio, my people places and things portfolio or my gallery page.