Fine Art Photography

Nature is a miraculous, wondrous and healing environment. It provides facets of boundless beauty and harmony it its most essential and perfect forms and endless manifestations. Allowing oneself to see, to truly see and perceive the miracles which the natural world provides us with each moment and each season, is a direct manifestation of the miraculous world we all live in.

The different terrains, never-ending bouquets of colors, shapes and convergence of these and other elements, coupled with my love for aesthetics, fine art, design as well as my profound fascination with life, provide a wonderful visual playground. Being in a forest or in the mountains, for me is like being a little kid in a candy store…

Consciously spending time in nature changes your nature of being. According to Zen, the only life we have is that which is found in the present. Everything else is memory or anticipation, and that too can be found in the present. We must be awake to really live. Mindfulness, or waking up to the present, is not easily mastered yet extraordinarily important and fulfilling. And to be truly sensitive to the unique visual offerings of the moment and of nature, and not be lost to and in the myriad of our everyday distractions, is also highly effective for seeing and creating photographs. If our minds are quiet and not preoccupied with agendas, we will be able to respond to the intuitive and spontaneous reactions of our inner being as it responds to the awesome beauty and wonder of nature and life, oftentimes in a fraction of a second.

And while I am also a commercial and architectural photographer, it is through the vehicle of my fine art photography I’d like to present you with unexpected views of familiar objects which encourage open-mindedness and inspiration. Architecture takes many of its principles and designs from the world or nature. My approach to fine art photography as well as commercial photography or architecture photography, or photography of interiors for that matter, make little distinction what subject matter I show with in photographs. I try to approach each subject with reverence and present state of being. If you wish to view more of my fine art photography, please go here.