Skydiving on my birthday

Skydiving is it Calculable Risk or Luck

For the longest time a jump out of an airplane has been in my bucket was an incredible feeling and sensation that is not comparable to anything else I had experienced. Yes, windsurfing in 60 mph gusts on Padre Island, flying loops and rolls in a stunt plane or going 120 mph on my motorcycle come close, but only close…and then, after dropping at 120 mph for about 25 seconds (you fall about 1000 ft. every 4 seconds) the swoooossh of the parachute is a very, very welcome sound. Jacob said: “Well, thank God that opened…”Amen, second that.

Perspective is Everything

Phillips Martin Real Estate, a well established Chicago based commercial real estate development, brokerage and asset management company, recently approached me as they were gearing up for a major update of their website. For marketing related purposes the partners were looking for a visually clean and distinct architectural photographic style. Ideal conditions of the subject…

Inhabiting a Large Body

So what is it that allows people to get excessively large? To essentially play Russian roulette with their health, and yes, their lives? And please don’t give me: “Oh…it’s hereditary… hereditary my butt!!” I am no expert on this topic by any stretch of the imagination, however, I would venture to say that unless you are a goner, or clinically and hopelessly depressed, or just don’t give a hoot about your health and your appearance…

Historic Route 66 – Boom & Bust – Part One

I had the pleasure of attending an awesome workshop conducted by the wonderful Ami Vitale at Santa Fe Photographic Workshops….here is the result of a very fast week in which we absorbed many “first time” moments…there has never been a highway quite like Route 66. It was written about in Grapes of Wrath, sung praises to by Nat King Cole and the inspiration behind the brand name for K-mart’s denim line.